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Welcome to the Carr Center

The Carr Center is a non-profit organization serving Muskingum County children and adults with disabilities. The Center offers a wide range of services including an Adult Day Care Program, support for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease clients and caregivers, a Toddler Enrichment Program focusing on speech therapy and occupational therapy and support for parents of special needs children.


got cake?

Join us April 25 & 26 for the 27th Annual Cake Auction

Show that your business has "got cake".
Call the Carr Center for advertising details.
(740) 453-5417


Longaberger Cake Basket

Win a Longaberger Basket, lid handpainted by Mary Ann Bucci

Be the winning bidder on 1 of 10 Carr Center Program cakes and receive a Longaberger Cake Basket — 4 designs to choose from.
Check out details and all 4 basket designs! — (PDF, 3.2 MB)